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CFC HOLD is one (1) of the family ministries of Couples for Christ (CFC). It aims to provide a Christian
environment for:

a) Single mature women,
b) Widows,
c) Separated or divorced
d) Single parents
e) Wives of overseas workers
f) Women whose husbands are incapacitated or at the moment or not ready yet to join any religious affiliations

Handmaids of the Lord’s program teaches that:


  • The woman is a beautiful creation of God chosen for greatness and designed for excellence.

  • While loneliness, rejection and fear in their lives are real, they have a God who loves them and cares for them through the community like Handmaids of the Lord.

  • To fully experience a life of joy and fulfillment, they need to heal, forgive and decide to be happy and productive.

  • By serving other women whose circumstances are similar to theirs, they thank God and gain empowerment.

  • Our model is Mama Mary, as we are called CFC HANDMAIDS OF THE LORD.

We are under the umbrella of Couples of Christ, which is has been approved and recognized by the
Vatican, and working in more than 127 countries.

CFC works for the renewal and strengthening of Christian family life, bringing them back to God and to
the Church.

CFC is a womb-to-tomb Ministry composed of:

a) Couples for Christ – for husbands and wives
b) HANDMAIDS OF THE LORD (HOLD) – for single mature women, widows, separated or divorced,
single parents, wives of overseas workers, and whose husband not ready to join
c) Servants of Lord (SOLD) - counterpart of HOLD
d) Singles for Christ (SFC)
e) Youth for Christ (YFC)
f) Kids for Christ (KFC)

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