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“A woman’s sensibilities play a great part in the life of a family and often actually determine its’ course, and these same sensibilities should play their part in the life of the nation and of mankind as a whole.”
                                                                                                                                                         Pope Pius XII

The vocation of motherhood is one of the most challenging but rewarding, difficult but wonderful jobs in the whole world. Being a mom is a call to care, to fix, to teach, to encourage, to provide, to support… to love. It means being a light to your family and seeing them shine because of it.

But because it’s a vocation, motherhood also means having the graces of the faith and the example of Mary. Within the Catholic family, moms are never alone.

If you have young, or school-aged children (including teens) and would like to connect with other Catholic moms, consider joining us every other Thursday evening, at 8pm.
The purpose of this group is to support each other as we endeavour to raise our children to be pure and good in the face of the secular world's influences, such as the media, school settings, peers, etc. We will also build up our own faith life, our children's faith, and the overall family's. 

It is said that the mother is the "heart of the home"; we will explore how we can truly be the heart of our homes, and more fully appreciate our special vocation to Motherhood. 

Each meet-up, we view a DVD or listen to CD talks on parenting from a Catholic perspective. One series that we return to regularly is one that aired on Salt & Light TV called "Mothering, Full of Grace". This 13-episode series features real moms and real families, and aims to encourage and nourish women in their vocations of wife and mom. 

Episode 1: Care-giving
Episode 2: Home
Episode 3: Working Mom
Episode 4: Family Planning
Episode 5: Friends
Episode 6: Vocations
Episode 7: Heroes
Episode 8: Prayer
Episode 9: Education
Episode 10: Technology
Episode 11: Sacraments
Episode 12: Holidays
Episode 13: Extra-Curricular Activities

For more information, including location, please contact Cathy Haynes at

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