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These young people assist the parish community in the serving of all Liturgies: Sundays, Weekdays, Weddings and at any other time when their skills can be used. 

Altar servers could be considered an invisible ministry and that is how it should be. Attention is not focused on the servers but rather celebrating the Mass in a humble and reverent manner. They are the cue masters for the Community. Servers can set the tone and act as a link between the Community and the Presider. The mechanics of serving can easily be taught, but it takes a certain maturity to joyfully and reverently serve God in this ministry. At St. Bernadette’s, we are blessed with many such people for which we thank and praise the Lord. 


Girls and boys who have received First Communion may serve God’s altar and their parish at Mass.

Practices for new Servers are offered.


For more information, contact the parish office (905) 683-1533.

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