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What is the Billings Ovulation Method?


The Billings Ovulation Method teaches a woman to interpret her natural signs of fertility through all her changing life stages from puberty to menopause. It is not the Rhythm method nor the Calendar method. It does not involve temperature taking. The Billings Ovulation Method is easy to learn and is highly successful when used by a couple to achieve or avoid a pregnancy. This method of natural family planning engenders co-operation and respect between the woman and man. It develops love and concern for each other and for the child, thus enriching their relationship.

You can learn the Billings Ovulation Method ANYTIME.

Is this method only for women with regular cycles?


Once learned, the method can be applied to all variations throughout a woman's reproductive life:

  • regular cycles

  • irregular cycles

  • anovular cycles

  • effects of stress

  • low fertility

  • after childbirth or miscarriage

  • while breastfeeding and weaning

  • approaching menopause

Why use the Billings Ovulation Method?


It is simple (the method does not involve drug taking, mechanical means or surgery); 
It has no side effects; 
It is reliable (the World Health Organization established the reliability of the Billings Ovulation Method at 98% to avoid or postpone pregnancy); 
It is inexpensive to use; 
It is accessible to all; 
It does not cause disruption of normal physiological processes; 
It does not depend on the use of any chemical, mechanical, surgical or other intermediary means for its efficiency; 
It is easily understood by persons with varying intellectual capacities and education background and from different cultures; 
It enables conception as well as permits its avoidance; 
It is morally acceptable to all; 
It does not distort the sexual act; 
It maintains the physical, psychological and spiritual integrity of the human person.

Is there a charge for this service?

No. Accredited Billings Ovulation Method instructors provide this service, teaching the method, at no charge. There is a small cost (approximately $5.00) for supplies

How do I learn it?


There is an initial presentation explaining the method, including answering any questions you may have. Then there are follow-up private chart consultations on a monthly or biweekly basis, dependent upon circumstances. During this time the woman gains charting experience and any further questions are answered.

Where can I learn it?


At St. Bernadette's Parish the initial presentations are held on the 4th Wednesday, each month at 8:00 pm, in the basement (follow signs). 


For other locations throughout the greater Toronto area click here.

Where can I find out more?

For more information please see the Natural Family Planning Association - Ontario web site at:

What does the Catholic Church have to say?

Click Here

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