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Lectors read the Word of God at mass. They contribute their voices to proclaim sacred scripture and lead the congregation in prayer during the intentions for general intercessions. Lord God, be on my mind, on my lips and in my heart as I humbly proclaim Your Word.

The qualifications of a good lector are:

- Sense of discipleship
- Strong prayer life
- Loving service
- Love of the Word of God
- Love for the liturgy
- Love for the Church, the people of God
- Good communicator

Lord, as I accept Your calling to be a Lector, bless me with passion that I may keep doing it with fervor.
Bless me with inspiration that I may keep doing it with excellence. Bless me with wisdom that I may
keep doing it with prudence. Bless me with humility that I may keep doing it with servitude. And, bless
me with love that I may keep doing it for You. Amen.

If you have been Confirmed, and are interested in becoming a Lector, please contact the Parish Office
for more information (905-683-1533).

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