Dear Friends,

We celebrate this Sunday the Baptism of the Lord; marking the beginning of Ordinary Time and the end of the Christmas season. Jesus’ Baptism marked the beginning of His work of saving us. In His Baptism, we celebrate our Baptism and we must all cherish that day that began our baptismal call to “get to Heaven and bring with us, as many people as we can”. Friends, if every one of us set as a goal, helping two or three more people get closer to Heaven by being a strong Christian presence in their lives, in addition to doing everything we can to be the best Christians we can be, what a difference we can make!

Our faith family at St. Bernadette’s is a large one, what a difference we can make together in our community and
beyond, by making a decision today to set our sights on continuing Jesus’ saving work. May God bless your week!

Faithfully yours,