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Fr. Chris Lemieux

Dear Friends,

As many of our parish ministries take a well-deserved break for the summer and prepare for an exciting and engaging Fall, I want to take this opportunity to thank every one of you, who make this A PARISH FAMILY and a wonderful faith community! Our staff will be working hard through the summer to prepare ourselves for an engaging and faith-filled year ahead and there will be many more exciting volunteer opportunities ahead. I don’t say it enough, but please always feel free to reach out to me with your thoughts, new ideas – and know that I welcome conversation with you about your parish. I look forward to working with our Advisory Councils more in the year ahead and the feedback you offer is always most helpful. I have kept and will look at the questionnaires you have shared with me and this will help us begin, sharing and discussing your many ideas.

In your service, in Christ's love,

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