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Fr. Chris Lemieux

Dear Friends,


Lazarus is raised in our Gospel this weekend; Jesus reveals to us the Power of God, and offers us all a reminder that in bodily death, “life is changed, not ended”. Friends, look around you at Mass this weekend. The community we are, the family we are; the families we are from that join you and share faith with you – we will be with the Lord and with each other in Paradise when our time here on this earth comes to an end. How great is that? It also lends itself to reflect on how we treat each other day in and day out and how generously we forgive one another too. Many of us have family and friends who have departed this life; in the end, was there anything that bothered us, angered us, caused us pain or sadness, that was really worth hanging on to. We know Jesus doesn’t ask us to forgive others and let go for them, but rather for us. The benefit for others is that true forgiveness is a powerful witness of our faith. Let us all consider what our faith, love and mercy means to us in these final days of Lent.


In your service,

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