Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Thank you for your well-wishes, prayers and thoughtful gifts for my 50th last Sunday. I had a few people remark on “what a shame” that I couldn’t celebrate my birthday with a party and with family and friends. But I did – you are my family, and I couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate my birthday than with the Lord and with you!  St. Bernadette Parish is a special place and you’re all special to me.

This coming weekend, we will have Fr. Edwin Gonsalves join us, helping me with the Masses and preaching at all Masses for the weekend. He is a good friend and brother, but a joyful and holy priest.

Friends, as we reflect on the multiplication of the loaves in the Gospel, let us all be thankful for the generosity of the Lord, which is not surpassed or outdone and offer ourselves most generously throughout this week. I remain,

Yours faithfully in Christ,