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Giving to your Parish

God has given us all many gifts.  He has given us the Gift of Life, the Gift of Faith and our own unique and personal gifts - which we are called upon to use.  The Parish of St. Bernadette is a remarkably generous faith community!  The beautiful church building, the cared-for property, the innovative faith-based programs, the priests who serve the community as well as the many ways the parish cares for those who need a helping hand - these are all a part of the financial gift we offer as members of our parish community and there has been a long tradition of generosity here! 

The Pastor, in his appointment is the chief administrator of the Parish, has a Parish Finance Council; a team of dedicated parishioners with various financial and professional backgrounds whom he consults regularly on financial matters and who advise him in these matters.  St. Bernadette's also have a Property & Building Council who work with the Pastor and Finance Council in caring for the physical assets of our parish.

We give as a community, as our church is also our home.  What happens with the Church building and inside the building and in the St. Bernadette Catholic community concerns you as much as the next person who sits next to you at Mass.  We are all "stewards of the Mysteries of God".  Part of our stewardship is in the generosity of the gifts or contribution we are able to make to our parish.  There are many different ways to do this.

Pre-Authorized Giving (PAG)

You can now sign up for Pre-Authorized Giving as another way to support your Parish. The PAG  enrolment form can be accessed by clicking the PAG button, or requested from our Parish office. 

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