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Scripture Study

Many of us today feel a sense of loss and incompleteness in our lives. We wonder if the reason for this void may be rooted in our spirituality; and if the pursuit of a deeper and more intimate relationship with God would remedy this situation.

To discover more of God's unconditional love and the whole purpose of our lives, the study of the Bible is both an interesting and exciting means of inquiry. The knowledge and understanding gained as the Word of God is studied is unique and can dramatically change our lives.

The study program opens with prayer and a couple of spiritual songs. We invite the Holy Spirit to open our minds to understand his Word, and our hearts to accept it. These exercises bring about a state of quiet and also help us to focus on the topic of the study. We then read the Biblical text chosen for the night and those wishing to do so are invited to share their insights. A group discussion follows, during which time an attempt is made to draw out the Author's original meaning (exegesis) from the text. During these exchanges we discuss how personal application can be made. The evening then concludes with prayer followed by a time of socializing.

Many people have testified to the life-changing reality found in the power of God's Word.

We look forward to welcoming you on this spiritual adventure.


Scripture Study will resume in the fall.   

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